Chicken all week

In my ongoing quest to reign in our grocery budget, I’ve stumbled upon a new habit that helps. About once a month, my husband and I roast chicken over the weekend and base meals around leftovers all week.

Last week, we roasted two medium chickens on Sunday. The birds set us back a whooping $6, and fed us all week. I also picked up bags of carrots, celery, onions, and potatoes–all very inexpensive, basic ingredients for meals. During clean-up on Sunday, we saved all the leftover chicken bones and pieces after moving the good meat to a Pyrex in the fridge. On Monday, I made chicken stock with the bones and veggies. In addition to making broth for the soup we ate that night, I had a large amount leftover which I popped in the freezer.

Here is what our meals consisted of last week.

Sunday: Roast chicken with roasted carrots and potatoes

Monday: Lunch – leftovers from Sunday. Dinner – Chicken, kale, and potato soup.

Tuesday: Lunch – leftover soup. Dinner – Chicken salad on lettuce with tomato.

Wednesday: Lunch – leftover soup again. Dinner – BBQ chicken pizza

Thursday: Lunch – chicken salad sandwich.

And that was the last of the chicken! Thursday night we met friends for dinner, and on Friday I had a work lunch. We made basic pasta for dinner on Friday. All-in-all a very inexpensive week for groceries.

Do you have tips for basing meals off leftovers all week?

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