Current Coffee Table


I love to change my coffee table arrangement frequently. It allows me to enjoy all my objects (some might say knickknacks) without having them all out at once.

This arrangement features two ceramic snails I made in high school. Yep! I made them around 12 years ago and, even in 11th grade, I imagined them on my future adult self’s coffee table.

The other objects include a glass vase I bought at an antique store on Orcas Island on my honeymoon, two books, a pumpkin scented candle set upon two layers of dishes, and my wooden coasters stacked on top of an antique decorative tile. I placed everything on a bamboo placemat because I wanted some added texture, and it also helps protect the table.

How do you set your coffee table?


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  1. I like it when you mentioned that you change the arrangement of your coffee table frequently. Honestly, I’ve read an article about decorating coffee tables. I find it funny when the writer mentioned that some coffee table owners decorate their coffee tables with magazines that are outdated. I laughed when I’ve read it but the writer was totally right.

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