Current sideboard


Just as I do with my coffee table (and all other available surfaces in my home!), I like to switch out my sideboard objects from time to time. Of course, I have to keep most of the surface empty for holding food and other necessities for entertaining.

This time, I took all of my vases and arranged them together. Collections have a way of really coming alive when grouped together, versus spread piecemeal throughout the home. I also enjoy the way the colors and shapes play off the oil painting above. I painted the oil painting in 2006. I made the two lidded jars in college, circa 2001. The rest of the vases were purchased and collected over many years; some were gifts. The sideboard itself is the only new piece of furniture I’ve purchased for the new condo. I bought it at a steal for $150 from a local vintage shop, talked down from $185.

Do you like to rearrange your belongings from time to time? How do you display collections of objects?


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