Dressing a luxe and cozy bed


I recently splurged on some new makings for my bed. And by splurged, I mean I spent around $40 for a new throw and throw pillows. All the other updates utilized items that I already had.

For a long time, my bed has been dressed in a vintage-modern casual style. I used a very heavy textured cotton duvet cover, gray pleated bed skirt, white sheets, and a throw pillow made from an antique flour sack. Here’s a peek.


This was a great look for the warmer months, but as the weather grew colder (and my husband and I returned quite spoiled from a wedding at a nice hotel) I found myself wanting something a bit fancier and more luxurious for the winter months.

1. Here is my mostly naked bed.


I really want to get an upholstered headboard, but I don’t want to spend the money right now. I was craving something on the wall to anchor the bed, preferably floor to ceiling. I went down to the garage and looked through some of the furnishings from my old apartment that I haven’t utilized in the condo.

Lo and behold, I found this bamboo window blind. I dusted it off and removed the strings and hardware and was happy to find that it was the perfect length for hanging behind my bed. The blind is not as wide as I’d like, but it did add the texture and the anchor I was craving and, since it is completely re-purposed, it didn’t cost an extra dime!

The bed skirt is actually two curtains that were hanging in the condo when we moved in. Here they are in their former life.


I washed them and saved them, hoping I would be able to re-purpose them. Sure enough, they were coincidentally the perfect size and length for use as a brand new bed skirt. I didn’t have to sew them together or hem them. I just spread them over the box spring and overlapped the pieces in the middle.

2. Next, I added the fitted sheet and six pillows, three per side. Four of the pillow cases are white, and two are a window-pane pattern with brown that closely matches the new skirt.


3. Next up, the down comforter in a white duvet cover and two more linen throw pillows. So far, I’ve only used items that I already had so, up to this point, I spent $0.


4. Next up, the faux fur throw. I’ve seen similar throws in Pottery Barn and West Elm catalogs for $90 – $150. I couldn’t justify spending anywhere near that much on a throw, but I was thrilled to find this one for $19 at HomeGoods. It is exactly the texture and color that I wanted.


5. And finally, the two throw pillows. One is a blood orange silk and the other is a dark brown sequin. I think of the orange pillow like lipstick – it kicks up the whole look. And I think of the sequin pillow like jewelry – it adds a little luxurious sparkle.




Our bedroom feels much cozier and fancier now, which I’ll enjoy during the colder months. Do you change your bedding seasonally? Have you re-purposed items at home and given them new life?

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