Going home for lunch

I work full-time, so I’m at work most of the hours of the day. Usually, I eat a packed lunch at my desk and then find a quiet spot to read a few chapters of whatever novel I’m working my way through. Ever since we moved into our condo, however, I’ve been able to go home for lunch now and then. We live close enough to make it quick and easy.

I like to do this once or twice a week for several reasons. For one, it means I don’t have to pack lunch in the morning, so I can take my time. I have plenty of time to make and eat my lunch during my break.

Another benefit is that I can get a chore or two done around the house. Generally this would just be unloading and loading the dishwasher, or throwing a load of laundry in. I’ll often just pick up a bit, too, and maybe deal with some mail piling up by the front door.

It really is such a simple thing, but spending 20-30 minutes on these chores mid-day makes the evening feel much more free of responsibility. This guy also seems to appreciate it when I stop by at lunch:

Last week I went home for lunch and then dropped him off at the groomer on my way back to work. He was ready to be picked up at 5, so it worked out perfectly.

Yesterday when I went home I just made the bed and called that enough.

Do you go home for lunch or have other ways of sneaking in a few chores?

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3 Responses to Going home for lunch

  1. Holly Young says:

    Your dog is adorable! He looks exactly like my in-laws dog (Pepper) What’s his/her name? I squeeze in my chores in the morning. I get up at about 5 (and people think I’m crazy). I have a 45 minute commute (as does my husband…we “landed” in the middle). So I have to be out the door by about 6:40. However, getting up by 5 gives me just enough time to throw in a load of wash or clean the bathroom or whatever takes 10 or so minutes. I just have to be careful so I don’t get distracted and run late! It is worth getting up early! Enjoy your lunch breaks! 🙂 Holly

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thanks! His name is Miles.

    I like your idea of squeezing in chores in the morning. It’s much better than having too much to do when you get home for the evening.

  3. mm says:

    I also get up at 5, and my morning time is sometimes spend on chores. I only have a 20 minute commute, and I start at 8:30. This quiet start to my day eases me into the hecticness of a fast paced office and sometimes overly long days.

    I sometimes read in the mornings, whereas reading in the evenings might put me to sleep! I would have never thought I’d be a morning person, and now I’ve learned I can be my most productive then.

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