More linen, wool, and velvet pillows

In a previous post, I explained how I made a collaged pillow with different pieces of wool and linen. Here are some more pillows that I made the same way for my own living room.





In some cases, I deconstructed pillows that came with my furniture and added on collage designs. These were especially fun because I got to skip inserting the zipper, which is one of the more tedious steps.

First, I used a seam ripper to remove the stitches from three sides, leaving the zipper in place.


Then, I used a pattern to cut 20″ squares. This just required that I cut a bit off of each side. Since I wanted to use different pillow inserts, this step was necessary for me. I could have just used the same inserts, in which case I wouldn’t have had to cut these pieces at all.


Next, I layered two bands of wool-felt on top of one of the squares and pinned the pieces in place.


I sewed the felt to the fabric with wide, tight zig-zag stitches. Then, I sewed the three open sides back together with a simple straight stitch on the sewing machine. I made two pillows this way, using different colors of felt for each.


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