Black Friday Report

Part of enjoying domestic life is knowing when to get out of the house and enjoy the city. On Friday, my husband and I took the bus downtown from our southeast Portland neighborhood. We like the lively crowds downtown on Black Friday, but we definitely avoid the mall and big box stores. We’re not really looking for gifts or deals, we just like to people-watch and pop into a shop here and there.

We did spend some money, but the purchases were planned for. We bought a book and two calendars as gifts from Powell’s Books. We also treated ourselves to tickets to see one of my favorite bands, Spoon. I can’t wait! The show is just a couple weeks away. The great music scene in Portland is one of the reasons we moved here five years ago, so we definitely splurge on concert tickets from time to time.

In addition to the three gifts, tickets, and bus fare, our Black Friday spending included lunch at Chipotle (cheap!) and two of these tasty hot chocolate treats:

It was a fun afternoon and a much-needed break from being at home. The weather was dry and beautiful and in Portland dry weather needs to be taken advantage of, especially at this time of year.

How did you spend Black Friday?

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  1. mm says:

    This made me “Portland sick.” Meaning—Longing to revisit one of my favorite American cities. Portland is a wonderful city to explore, in so many ways! I spent Black Friday with family and just hanging out!

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