November round-up

Here are a few of my favorite posts by fellow bloggers from the month of November:

“The road to trash is paved with good intentions” @ The Frugal Girl, November 3
I love Kristen’s blog about living a frugal family life. In this post she tackles the difficult task of keeping fresh produce and other healthy food in the house when it spoils so quickly.

“How much house do you need?” @ Get Rich Slowly, November 17

In this post, GRS staff writer April Dykman offers some suggestions on how to think about just how much living space we actually need. Bigger is certainly not always better, and often less is more.

“The cost of money” @ Free Money Finance, November 17
I really enjoyed this post about the prices we pay for money. Are we willing to give up time with our loved ones, freedom, or work we love for money? Oftentimes we are. In my own life, I’ve been trying to find the right balance and this post hit home.

“Sneak peek: Ruthie Sayles” @ Design Sponge, November 25
This post features a photo tour of a beautiful home in Nashville. I love all the thrifty finds, sentimental touches, and family heirlooms sprinkled throughout the home. I admire spaces that reflect the owners and showcase many years of thoughtful (but not necessarily expensive) design. And she has a small dog… which I can definitely appreciate!

“Spending on your passion” @ The Simple Dollar, November 27
In this post, Trent makes a case for conscious spending on items that truly bring us joy and relate to our fondest interests. This was a timely post for me because I’ve been thinking about conscious spending quite a bit lately and I plan to write about the topic soon.

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