Spent $7.98 thrifting

This past weekend, my husband and I hit a few local thrift and salvage stores. I gave him a home-beer-brewing kit for Christmas and the only thing he needs in order to start brewing is a five gallon stainless steel pot. Although we failed to find the right type of brewing pot, I did manage to find some other little goodies, such as those two pieces in the photo above.

I really liked the shape and quiet color of the green glass bottle. I think it will look nice with a single stem leaf or flower. It will also fit in well with my eclectic collection of vases. Price: $0.99

The ceramic jar is actually a French butter dish with a nice mid-century-ish speckled glaze. I’ve always wanted a French butter dish and this one set me back a whooping $2.99. Here’s another view:

The lid is an upside down cup that fits into the base. To store butter, you just pack butter into the cup and fill the base with water. Then, you put the butter-filled cap back on. The water keeps the butter very fresh. This site says, ” The unique design of the French Butter Dish keeps butter at the perfect spreading consistency.  The water creates an airtight seal  that keeps oxygen away from the butter (oxygen is what turns butter rancid).”

At the same Goodwill where I found the dish and the bottle, I found this beautiful matted print for $2.00.

All it needs is a simple black 11″ x 14″ frame (I’m thinking from Ikea) and it will look gorgeous on the wall. It’s in perfect condition because it was wrapped in plastic.

Next, we headed over to Mississippi Avenue to visit Portland’s Rebuilding Center.

The Rebuilding Center is a salvage store for all sorts of materials that would otherwise end up in a dump. They carry cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, tile, lumber, doors, and tons and tons of hardware. Although it was absolutely freezing in the warehouse (not heated) I managed to rummage through some bins and I quickly found all of this:

I had no idea how much everything was going to be because nothing is priced and I was thrilled when I asked the cashier. He looked over everything in my basket and said the grand total was $2.00.

That’s right, six metal outlet plates, five sea-green porcelain tiles, and a large granite tile for only $2. One of those plates would have cost over twice that at a retail store. You may recall I am an advocate for swapping outlet and switch plates. I plan to make the five tiles into coasters (stay tuned for a post) and I’ll use the granite tile as a trivet in the kitchen or a cheese tray.

Have you found any thrifted treasures recently?

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9 Responses to Spent $7.98 thrifting

  1. Erin Donley says:

    Nice shopping Lindsay… I can’t believe I’m giving away this “secret,” but the best place I’ve found for 2nd hand clothing and house-stuff is Village Merchants on SE Division and (33rd-ish). They are cheap as hell and GOOOOOOD!

    Portland thrift stores are the best!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Oh, I love Village Merchants too. We actually stopped in there the day we were out and bought this stuff. I usually find something every time I go in there. I’m thinking of consigning some stuff there myself.

  3. Judy says:

    I love Urban Domesticity. I am now a subscriber!
    Your mom sent me an e-mail.
    Seems like life in Portland has been good to you and your husband. Keep up the great work!!!

  4. Oh, I need to find some good thrift stores out here in Atlanta. I haven’t gone thrifting in months!

  5. Lindsay says:

    Hi Judy – yes, we love Portland and feel very settled here. Thanks for reading, glad you like the blog 🙂

    Elizabeth – I took a long hiatus from thrifting because I sometimes have a hard time controlling myself when I see stuff I want but don’t need. I think I did better this time and bought stuff I can really use. It was fun… do it!!

  6. Saverchic says:

    Those are some great finds! You have motivated me to start checking out the thrift stores more.

  7. Lindsay says:

    Hi Saverchic, thanks for stopping by. I like thrifting because I can get my shopping fix without breaking the bank, and I’m usually pleasantly surprised by what I can find.

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