book recommendation: “Apartment Therapy Presents”

One of my Christmas gifts this year was this awesome book, Apartment Therapy Presents by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan. Many people know Apartment Therapy from the popular blog and Gillingham-Ryan’s original life/home makeover book. I highly recommend both, and I highly recommend this new hardcover book.

Apartment Therapy Presents is a collection of homes previously featured on the blog. These are real homes designed by real people by themselves without the help of professional decorators. While some of the featured homes clearly benefited from pricier finds, many of the showcased homes are filled with thrifted and DIY treasures.

One of the bummers about almost all of the home decor magazines on the market is that, while the interiors are certainly stunning, they are unattainable for 95% of us. Most magazines feature work of professional designers working for clients with hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on their decor. (This is one of the reasons I miss Domino magazine so much. Their interiors were gorgeous and possible for the rest of us.) But getting back to the book…

Apartment Therapy Presents shows rooms and homes that we can all have. Sure, not overnight. But with the investment of time and dedicated savings, all of us can enjoy a beautiful home that is a reflection of our true selves. The homes featured are also on the small side, 250 – 1,500 square feet, which is definitely relevant to those of us who live in a city with higher density housing.

Each entry introduces the individual or couple who lives in and designed the home, including their profession, location, home square footage, and whether they own or rent. Next we see an assortment of lovely photos, a summary by the author, and survey questions answered by the home owners/renters.

I especially appreciate how many different styles and sensibilities are included. The book present many aesthetics, not just one type of look. I think my favorites are Patrick’s “Cosmo-urban Studio” on page 182; Shannon and Emmett’s “Factory to Family” on page 212; and Bri and Chad’s “Fab on a Budget” on page 32. But those are all diamonds in a sea of gems. There is so much great stuff packed into this book. I already have some new ideas for bedroom paint colors and DIY furniture projects. The end of each section also includes a handy list of resources.

Lots of home design books are full of pretty pictures and lots of fluff. Not Apartment Therapy Presents; this book is full of relevant, helpful content. It will satisfy my decor-snooping for quite a while.

If you have this book, please share your favorite featured home in the comment section below.

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