December round-up

On the last day of each month I share relevant links that I’ve enjoyed. Here are some of my favorite posts by fellow bloggers from the month of December.

“Troubleshooting for Luna” @ Chez Larsson, December 7
I recently discovered Benita’s lovely blog about her home and family life in Sweden and I love, love, love it. In this post, she helps a reader by offering suggestions for an unused spare half bathroom. I especially like her illustration and helpful list of resources.

Job Loss: Got a Financial Game Plan? @ Get Rich Slowly, December 9
In this post, guest author April Dykman walks readers through the steps to come up with a “worst-case-scenario” game plan. After reading this post, I worked up what our emergency budget would look like. I cut things like cable and Netflix and allocated a stripped down budget for food and extras. It’s not pretty, but it is peace of mind knowing exactly how much we need each month just to get by without outside assistance.

“Fifty cooking tips” @ Home-ec 101, December 16
Heather compiled fifty wonderful tips from readers in this helpful post. There are some wonderful reminders and great new ideas in this list.

“The imperfect goal of perfection” @ The Non-Consumer Advocate, December 19
In this post, Katy reminds us that perfection is an exhausting and impossible standard to achieve. Although I often showcase pretty pictures and successful projects on this blog, the reality is that the dust bunnies pile up and we often resort to frozen pizza for dinner. So what?!

Maria’s Zebra Console @ Design Sponge, December 23
Inspired by a $3,000 console table, this post documents how Maria Jones made her own for just $100. I think I want one, it’s beautiful. Check it out!

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4 Responses to December round-up

  1. Rex says:

    Thanks for sharing the “fifty cooking tips” link- always good to pick up a few new tips.

    I love the photos on your blog, btw. The colors have a nice pop to them.

  2. Thank you so much for linking! Rex is right, your photos are gorgeous.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Hi Heather, thanks for stopping by. It’s easy to find great stuff to link to on your blog, I had a tough time picking just one this month.

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