Bedroom layout planning

I’ve been having fun imagining new layouts for our bedroom. We’re not quite ready to purchase new furniture yet, but I have started looking at some pieces to figure out exactly what I want and what our budget should be. To help me envision different possibilities, I made a to-scale aerial view drawing of our floor plan. Then I made to-scale furniture pieces and started playing around with placement.

To make the drawing, I measured the room and then drew the dimensions so that one foot in real life = 1/2 inch on paper. I measured the doors and determined the space required for the door clearances. Then, I measured the furniture we have as well as looked up the dimensions of some furniture we are considering and made to-scale pieces and cut them out.

The room is 14.5 feet by 17 feet… a nice sized room. Right now, it feels very empty. This is essentially how the room is laid out now.

We have a large rug and a queen bed. Additionally, we have two small dressers, two small side chairs, and little mismatched tables by the bed. I didn’t draw them in because I want to get rid of them!

Next, I experimented with moving the bed to the other wall next to the closet. It didn’t really fit quite right, especially with the rug.

The other wall is shared, and the fourth wall is almost all window. So, I moved the bed back to where it was. I’ve long considered putting a small sofa at the foot of the bed. Ikea has one for $350 that would fit just right. It would look like this:

Hmmm…. that seemed a little weird. So I moved the sofa to the opposite wall, facing the bed. Much better:

Then, I added in two dressers and night stands based on measurements of a set I found and am considering. I added a mirror hung horizontally above the longer dresser. I also added a bookcase on either side of the window. (Those squigglys next to the window are the curtains):

I really like this layout. I also added my sewing desk and project desk in case we decide to move them in from the second bedroom at some point.

Now the trick is finding furniture I love at a price I can feel good about. So far, I haven’t had luck on that. The price part, that is. There is plenty of expensive furniture to suit my plan. Sigh. Except the couch, I think I might go with the Ikea couch since it’s so reasonably priced and will fit perfectly in this space.

Next, I plan to do the same thing with my dining room layout.

How have you planned room layouts in the past? See any other possibilities for my room above? If so, let me know in the comments below and I may be able to post the new arrangement next week.

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3 Responses to Bedroom layout planning

  1. stephanie says:

    i can’t remember what your bedrooom rug looks like… is that something you are definitely keeping? if so, have you thought about any different placements for it? or have you thought anymore about wall-to-wall? just curious 🙂

  2. Lindsay says:

    Hi Steph – I’m not set on keeping the rug. It doesn’t really go with the look I want to go towards, but I like the cozy feel of having a rug of some sort under the bed. Probably won’t do wall to wall, although I know that would be coziest. I have a fear of commitment.

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