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My food-spending face lift

My husband and I reflected this week on how this is the one-year anniversary of our financial face lift. Last January, we got really serious about saving money and buying a home. I tracked our spending and we created a … Continue reading

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Living with a homeowner’s fee

One of the trade offs we made in choosing a condo over a single family home is flexibility with some of our monthly expenses. In other words, many of our utility expenses are rolled into an HOA (homeowner’s association) fee. … Continue reading

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Cures for Foggy Brain

Do you ever get a case of Foggy Brain? I do. Foggy Brain is when your thoughts feel cloudy and you’re not really sure what you’re thinking. You’re processing everything and nothing at once. It’s hard to focus and concentrate … Continue reading

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The Mr. bakes bread!

For some reason, the Mr. has been baking bread every Sunday for three weeks. And I get to reap the rewards–delicious toast and sandwiches–all week long. He’s not much of a baker, so this is kind of a big deal. … Continue reading

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Styling vignettes

Yesterday I shared photos of little details around my home (and former home) that were either intentional or accidental arrangements of objects. I love a simple, clean look at home. I despise clutter and dust, but I do love decorative … Continue reading

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Little details around the home

Perhaps it’s the painter in me, but I just love little still life vignettes around the home. Sometimes these little scenes are intentional, and other times objects just seem to accidentally arrange themselves in a pleasing way. I took the … Continue reading

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