January round-up (a.k.a. link love)

On the last day of each month (or, in this case, the first day of the next month) I share relevant links that I’ve enjoyed. This month I decided to share some blogs I recently discovered, rather than individual links.

Alias Mother
This is a no-frills, personal blog that’s all about good written content. Alias Mom is a pretty brilliant writer–her posts are honest, funny, and thoughtful. She’s getting ready to deliver kid#2 right now.

Aubrey Road
Lots and lots and lots of beautiful, stylish pictures. Eye candy.

Saving the Pennys
This is a brand new blog documenting one young family’s struggle with a mountain of credit card debt, unemployment, and parenthood. “Mrs. Penny” is an engaging, honest writer and I’m hooked on her story. She has optimism and tenacity about her situation. A great read (start at her first entry if you decide to visit her blog).

The DIY Show Off
Roeshel has a wonderful blog full of do-it-yourself home projects of her own and sent in by readers. Her posts are sure to inspire you to think up a few projects of your own.

What about you? What blogs are you reading right now? Or, better yet, do you have a blog of your own? Please share links in the comment section below.

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