Household maintenance to-dos

Last week I listed some personal finance housekeeping tasks on my to-do list right now. As a follow-up, I decided to also detail some of the home ownership and maintenance issues on my to-do list as well.

Even though we pay an HOA fee that covers many maintenance expenses, we are still responsible for plenty inside our townhouse. Fortunately, even though it was built in 1950, it is in really great shape thanks to a re-hab completed in 2006. Still, there are a few little tasks hanging over my head that need to get done, including:

• Fix the dishwasher. It works. It gets dishes super clean and it looks nice. But the door makes an absolutely horrible noise when opened or closed. We think it must be a spring issue in the door mechanism. The Mr. might get around to looking at it, or I might call someone to come fix it. We actually have a “home warranty” from when we bought the place in May that supposedly covers stuff like this.

• Re-caulk the tub. The caulking is getting dried out and is peeling in a few small places. I’d rather deal with it proactively before it gets moldy or causes water damage. I’ve actually done this before (due to some serious mold in our apartment tub) but it was messy and I’m definitely not an expert. Here’s a really gross close-up picture. Ewwwwwwww!

• Re-paint the shower ceiling. Again, not a huge problem yet but the paint is just starting to peel and flake in a few spots due to moisture. And, for some reason, the previous owner used a flat paint. Seems to me it should be semi-gloss in a shower, so I will probably make the switch when we re-paint it.

• Carpet the stairs. We have beautiful hardwood floors, and the stairs are no exception. The problem is that they are very, very slippery. Our dog won’t even go up them, and when he goes down I have to supervise to make sure he doesn’t fall. And, they are slippery for sock-footed people as well. We’re debating about whether to do something like this with an installed runner, or use something like this to maintain more of the current look of the stairs. What do you think?

• Paint the living room. We recently painted the dining room and I want to paint the living room to match. If we decide to also paint the stair walls, we’ll probably need to hire someone to paint the staircase since the ceilings are very high.

• Install shelves in the basement and the garage. This is expensive to do right, but necessary for organizational and potential moisture issues.

• Research and purchase some new furniture. This is more fun! But also more expensive. We’d like new furniture in our dining room and bedroom. Our current furniture is tiny and worked great in our small apartment, but feels lost in our new space. And we often have clothing strewn about the bedroom because we don’t have enough dresser space.

What about you? What household tasks are on your to-do list right now?

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8 Responses to Household maintenance to-dos

  1. MM says:

    Re, the stairs: I tried something like the second look, and really didn’t like it. They did not stay down, regardless of the type of tape used, and I tended, even with my short two step up “flight” of steps, to trip on them.

    I believe you would be happier in the long run with a continous runner. I would have it professionally installed, to be sure it wouldn’t move around on you. More expensive but probably much less frustrating in the long run.

    Just my two cents. MM

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I agree about the runner. I like the look of it and everyone I know who has the individual pieces on each stair, hates it and wants a runner. I think if you found something that matched the theme of your home, it would look great and you would still be able to see the nice wood floors.

  3. Holly Young says:

    I also agree about the runner. We lived in an adorable, old townhouse that had “carpet” on the individual stairs. I actually liked the look/idea BUT tripped on them OFTEN! Good luck- I don’t think you’ll regret making the stairs safer! Def. worth the effort!

    Right now, we have a headboard that mounts to the wall…it has been sitting in our room for months! (literally) We also need to replaster/paint our shower ceiling. Most of our home maintenance issues have to do with reorganizing and getting rid of clutter! HAVE FUN!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Oh ladies you’re killing me with the runner recommendation. I was really hoping you’d all say “treads all the way” since they are $125 vs. $1,000 for the runner. But I think I know what I need to do…

    Maybe I’ll get the treads as a temporary fix and save for the runner. A compromise!

  5. Holly Young says:

    eee Gads! That’s big price jump! Honestly, I know I mentioned this in a previous comment, I LIKED having the treads, they were this really vintage-looking green shag (sounds ugly, but it worked with the atmosphere, trust me) 🙂 I mostly caught my foot on the way UP which is not THAT dangerous. AFter one or two “trips,” I quickly learned which steps had loose edges and which ones didn’t. Nothing a little adhesive can’t fix. 🙂

    • Lindsay says:

      Yeah, it is a big price difference. Of course the $1,000 does include pro installation and nice wool carpet. I’m filing this under the “still to be determined” category.

      I would so much rather spend that $1,000 on furniture. Or better yet… put it in the savings account and not spend it at all!

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