How to line envelopes with decorative paper

A home decorating magazine I subscribe to recently featured a set of 10 lined envelopes… for $55! Fifty-five bucks for ten envelopes?! I think that is crazy.

Lining envelopes is such an easy project and doesn’t have to cost much money at all. In fact, I lined the envelopes my husband and I sent our wedding invitations in almost five years ago. Here’s a picture:

Aren’t they pretty? It was a time-consuming project because there were so many, but inexpensive and fun. They added such a polished, fancy feel to the entire set. Here’s how to line envelopes and not spend $55 for ten.

You’ll need:

  • envelopes of your choosing
  • a pencil
  • a ruler
  • an Exact-o knife or scissors
  • Double sided tape. I like the kind that comes in a little dispenser. You can purchase it in a craft store near the scrapbooking supplies, or in an office supply store. Many drugstores and grocery stores also carry it.
  • Pretty paper. This is the fun part! You could use leftover wrapping paper, newspaper, or magazines. Or you can invest in a few sheets of pretty paper from an arts and crafts store.
  • A piece of scrap paper.

1. First, trace your envelope on a scrap piece of paper. I used two different envelopes so I had to trace them both.

2. Use your ruler to make a pattern slightly smaller than the tracing. You want to leave enough room for the adhesive strip. I also used the envelope again and just slid it down slightly from the first tracing to trace the top line again inside the lines. Like this:

3. Cut out the pattern and trace it on the opposite side of your decorative paper.

4. Cut out the traced shape from the decorative paper.

5. Place the paper in the envelope and fold the crease. Then, remove the paper and apply the double-sided tape to the back of the paper.

6. Carefully put the paper back in the envelope and press to seal the paper to the envelope. All done!

I just used wrapping paper and envelopes I already had, so the total cost of this was $0. Also, if you’re lining a set of envelopes all the same size, you only need to make one pattern and just repeat steps 3-6 for each one.

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10 Responses to How to line envelopes with decorative paper

  1. Lindsay says:

    Ok, to be fair: I do see now that the $55 also includes cards (not just the envelopes). But I still think it’s nutty to spend that much 🙂

  2. MM says:

    Have you ever considered (or tried) useing a glue stick? Just wondering. The Post-it tape can add up.
    Not that I don’t use it for many projects. I love this idea, btw.

    • Lindsay says:

      A glue stick would work too, but would be messier. It’s so much easier with the narrow double sided tape that the extra expense has always been worth it for me. But maybe I’m just a klutz with the glue… my fingers always get all sticky!

      Also, you don’t have to cover the entire edge with tape. You can put a piece here and there and it usually holds just fine.

  3. Jen says:

    I’d have to agree with you there…that’s a lot of $$$ I love yours…

  4. Margelit says:

    So much detail. This is why getting gifts from you is such an amazing experience.

  5. Thank you for the how-to!

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  8. Tanya says:

    Love this idea. I am lining my envelopes to help add to the type of wedding that it is.. still and DIY, but, a little fancier. I have made all of my invitations, response cards, menu cards and direction cards that go into the envelopes, and just wanted that extra touch. I did use a glue stick, and it worked great. Thank you for providing this wonderful how to!!

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