A Schnauzer makeover: before and after

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned that dog grooming is a little chore I don’t mind paying for. It’s one of the services I consciously spend on, even though I could spend my own time with the clippers and the Schnauzer. My time is worth it to me to pay for this service every 12 weeks or so. And I think our groomer does a way better job than I ever could.

Since I love a good makeover… who doesn’t?!… I decided to post a little before-and-after feature for Miles, my miniature Schnauzer. Here are a few “before” pics:

Doesn’t he look sad? He’s saying, “Mom, I need a haircut.” (Not really… he actually tries to run away from the groomer and he gets super sulky at bath time.) Despite his protests, I took him to the groomer at lunch yesterday and picked him up after work.

Here are the dramatic “after” reveal shots.

(Oohs and ahs ensue.) Doesn’t he look good? He looked cute in the shaggy “befores”, but now he looks more polished and dapper. And he seems more comfortable too.

Do you take your pets to the groomer? Or can you handle the chore yourself?

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3 Responses to A Schnauzer makeover: before and after

  1. BodySense says:

    We have a Schnauzer and these pictures look familiar. Your so right professional grooming is the only way to go.

    I found your site on alphainventions.com

  2. Davi-May says:

    My partner forwarded your pics. Yes you boy looks great; before and after, but better after. We have Mandy and I have the groomer come us every three-four months for clean, smooth, athletic look. Mandy is also a Mini Schnauzer

  3. stephanie says:

    miles looks so handsome!

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