February round-up

At the end of each month I share relevant links that I’ve enjoyed. Here are some of my favorite posts by fellow bloggers from the month of February.

“Living below or within your means?” @ Living Almost Large, February 8
In this quick post, LAL points out that sometimes living within your means (rather than below) is the best we can do. People go through phases in life where just staying out of debt and living day-to-day without the use of credit is an accomplishment. Obviously the goal is to eventually live below your means and save.

“How I made my peace with hiring a housekeeper” @ Get Rich Slowly, February 19
In this guest post by J.D.’s wife Kris, she explains why having a housekeeper makes sense for her family and how she got over feeling weird about it. This is a great read, and the comments are interesting too. Personally, I’d have no problem hiring a housekeeper if we had kids, still worked full time, and had the extra money in the budget.

“When is it worth it to stock up?” @ The Non-consumer Advocate, February 20
Katy addresses when it might and might not make sense to stock pile. Until recently, I’ve never been much of a stock piler, but I’m starting to be. Sometimes it’s because I find something on a deep discount so I want to snatch up a few. Other times, I just stockpile items that are super annoying to run out of.

“Feeling Sheepish part 1 and part 2″ @ Young House Love, February 23
In these posts, Sherry details how to make faux sheepskin rugs as an alternative to the real sheepskin rugs sold by Ikea. I’ve long wanted a sheepskin rug because they are so lush and cozy, but I haven’t bought them because it just bothers me that they are real. This project is an excellent compromise.

If you have relevant links to share from the past month, either from your own blog or from one that you regularly read, feel free to share a link (or two) in the comment section below.

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