Gearing up for a bedroom makeover

You may remember my bedroom from past posts such as “Dressing a luxe and cozy bed” and “Bedroom layout planning.” Here’s a picture:

Ever since we moved in, we’ve known that the bedroom needs a bit of an update. The tiny furniture worked great in our previously small apartment bedrooms, but now just feels lost in the larger space. The latte color walls are nice enough, but I’m not totally, madly in love with them as I’d like to be. So, the time has come for a makeover!

Our bedroom makeover will include:

  • new color on the walls
  • new dressers and nightstands
  • probably a new rug
  • some sort of headboard… perhaps something temporary
  • a love seat or other seating option
  • new accessories
  • perhaps bookshelves, eventually

Because we’re on a  budget, we’re going to tackle this project in stages, beginning with paint and furniture. The Mr. and I cleared out all the clutter and furniture this week. The space is now one big echo-y, mostly blank canvas.

We moved the little white dressers into our second bedroom and they actually work perfectly in their new space. The scale is much more appropriate and they look very handsome with the white trim. After I moved them in, I was inspired to lighten up the rest of the room. I replaced the heavy brown curtains with some light airy ones I already had. I also took the brown velvet cover off the sofa bed, and switched the wall art.

As for the master bedroom, the Mr. and I are painting and moving in new furniture this weekend! Next week, I’ll share details of the paint selection process and furniture shopping adventures. And, over the next couple weeks, I’ll continue to post as we make progress on the bedroom makeover.

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5 Responses to Gearing up for a bedroom makeover

  1. Jen says:

    Exciting! I love a good makeover. I’m going to enjoy vicariously through yours 🙂

  2. stephanie says:

    i’m making some bedroom changes, too! i’m finally taking down the guitars hanging up on the wall…. although i love their wooden color and feel, i just don’t want guitars in our bedroom, especially if they don’t equate to nighttime serenades! i have a few things i want to hang up instead, but i’ll need some more ideas. and i want to change the curtains as well…

  3. Jessielme says:

    Looking forward to seeing it! I know NOTHING about decorating and haven’t bought appropriate bedding since I met my husband. We have only ONE set of old, shabby sheets for our bed (the second set, the better set, I insist on keeping on the guest bed!) and several odd sized covers that we pile on in the winter, none of which are actually big enough for our bed.

    We are going to buy our first house this year and I hope I learn a thing or two before then!

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