Bedroom makeover progress: painting the walls

On Friday, I announced that I am undertaking a master bedroom makeover. First up: painting the walls. As I mentioned last week, we moved the dressers and clutter out so the room was mostly empty. This made painting so much easier than if we had to manipulate around lots of furniture. We plopped our dog up on the sheet-covered bed and he supervised the project from his comfy perch.

The most tedious part of any painting project is taping and prepping. Unlike when we painted the dining room and I used cheap tape that kept falling down, this time we splurged on Frog Tape and it was well worth the $9 price tag. This tape was awesome! It stayed on, didn’t let any drips under, and pulled off clean without lifting any of the white paint off the trim.

As for the color, I originally thought I wanted a very light sage green. I brought home several cards from the paint store and did some research online. For some reason, none of the greens seemed just quite right. One evening as I sat in the bedroom contemplating options, I remembered that I had some very light blueish gray curtains from our last apartment. I also remembered that I had a bed skirt of the same light tone.

When I held the bed skirt and curtains side-by-side, they were almost exactly the same color. I decided to use them in the bedroom and match the wall color. I envisioned an elegant, coordinated light and airy space. I decided that having the curtains, bed skirt, and walls all match would provide a nice canvas for the rest of the decor. Here’s a picture of the bed skirt:

And (drum roll) here is a picture of the curtains next to the new wall color:

Isn’t it soothing? I also feel really pleased that I was able to put accessories I already own to good use. I really love the bed skirt and curtains, I had just sort of forgotten about them.

The color we used is Eternity by Benjamin Moore. We needed two gallons and I chose a flat finish from their Eco Spec line. (I love a matte, chalky surface which is why I chose flat. Many people prefer the clean-ability of eggshell.) I also can’t rave enough about this Eco Spec paint. It has no VOCs and almost covers in one coat. We did use two coats but we almost didn’t need it. It has virtually no odor and it is not drippy and runny like cheaper paints.

We’re really happy with the result. The room feels so much lighter and airier and much more soothing than the previous latte beige did. The color looks gorgeous in the morning light, and gets very nuanced and rich in the evening. I’m glad it’s not bathroom blue or bright. It’s very subdued and calm.

Tomorrow  I’ll detail the furniture shopping process. Stay tuned!

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9 Responses to Bedroom makeover progress: painting the walls

  1. MM says:

    Love the color!!!

  2. Sonu says:

    A lovely start! The color is indeed soothing and wow, what a change from the “before” picture! I totally agree that prep is the hardest part that takes the most planning– I’ve shared my thoughts on the topic here:

  3. Jennifer F says:

    Hey there…I stumbled upon your blog because I am thinking of painting my master bath eternity by benjamin moore. Im debating between that adn quiet moments which has a bit of a green tint. What are your thoughts? I was afraid eternity would be too gray and stark and depressing, but I love how it looks in your pics. Also, do you have a coordinating color for it? Like, what color should I paint my master bedroom if I use eternity as my bathroom color. Thanks…loving your blog…house is gorgeous!

    • Lindsay says:

      Hi Jennifer. I’m not familiar with the “quiet moments” color, but I can say I really love “Eternity.” I don’t find it drab or too gray at all. It’s very blue, actually. I find it very peaceful and pretty. It looks much more gray on the card than it does on the wall. I think it could work great in a bathroom, depending on your other colors. It would look nice with white tile and trim.

      I haven’t coordinated any colors with the eternity yet. I think you would have many options for the bedroom, a chocolate milk color would go. Or a sandy color, or cream.

      Check out Click on “explore color” and then “personal color viewer.” You can try all kinds of combinations of their colors. Good luck and thanks for reading.

  4. Brett says:

    Hi There

    I am in the process of painting my bathroom eternity as well — I had quite a bright yellow underneath. I just rolled a little bit on in the corners — but its looking really blue….like baby blue. What was it like for you when you first rolled it on? Is it just the way its looking beside the yellow do you think? Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks, Brett

    ps your room looks great

    • Lindsay says:

      Hi Brett,

      If you still can, I’d recommend painting the walls white first either with a primer or regular paint. The yellow underneath may interfere with the eternity color.

      I think it did look more blue when it was wet. It will also look more blue when you’re looking at it right next to a bright yellow. Colors are funny that way… they influence each other.

      The color usually looks like a very muted, gray blue. Sometimes in bright morning light it looks more blue.

      I really like the final result and I’m not really a blue-wall person… so, it’s really not very blue in the end. Hope this helps!

  5. Stacy says:

    I love this color! I really wanted a gray for my bedroom but didn’t want it to have a “cold feeling” to it so I thought a blue gray would be the best way to go as I’m not really a “blue” person but think a hint of it will add warmth and be more soothing. What curtains do you have that match so perfectly??????

    • Lindsay says:

      Thanks Stacy. I’ve been really happy with it. The curtains were from Ikea and I think they have been discontinued, unfortunately. I think bright white curtains would look great too.

      I’m not much of a blue person either, but I LOVE this color. Good luck with your project.

  6. Stacy says:

    Thanks!! I think I will be on the hunt for some light and airy white curtains. Do you have a complimenting color you have chosen for your bathroom?

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