Shopping for bedroom furniture

The Mr. and I are embarking on a makeover for our master bedroom. Yesterday, I wrote about the paint selection process. Today, I’ll detail our furniture shopping adventure.

Ever since we moved into this condo, we’ve known we wanted to get new furniture for the bedroom. The dressers we have are tiny and generally our clothes are exploding into all corners of the room. We didn’t have nightstands; we had a chair and a tiny plant stand on either side of the bed. Yes, a plant stand.

Needless to say, the time has come for new grown-up furniture. Over the past few weeks, we’ve hit up several stores and I’ve done a bit of online browsing. We decided on a long, low dresser; a tall chest; and two nightstands. Eventually we’d also like to add a love seat or chair, possibly book shelves, and a storage bench. And maybe an upholstered headboard. But our budget can only handle a couple pieces at a time. Here are some of the furniture sets we considered:

Pictured above  is the Pisa collection, available at Dania furniture. We’re not interested in the bed itself. We just considered the dresser, the night stands, and a tall chest. The total cost of those four pieces would be $2,062.

Next, we looked at these Hemnes pieces (above) from Ikea. The cost of the dresser and chest would be $578. To add on two nightstands from Ikea, we’d have to spend about $100 more, bringing the total cost of this option to $678.

The pieces above are from Ethan Allen. While they didn’t have a full set that included all matching pieces, that’s OK with us. We found some options to mix and match. This option would cost $5,106.

Next, we looked at some pieces (above) from JCPenny’s Hampton line. Again, ignore the bed. We’re just looking at a dresser, chest, and night stands. This option would cost $1,376.

We also considered the above pieces from Thomasville. The set would cost $2,696 for four pieces.

Of course we also checked out some of our favorite second-hand and vintage furniture stores in Portland including Hawthorne Vintage and Look Modern.

After a couple months of figuring out our budget, shopping, and reading reviews online, I’m excited to report that we finally made a decision on what to buy. This past weekend, we moved in the new furniture and it looks great with the freshly painted walls. Stay tuned… tomorrow I will reveal our final choice and give a mini-preview of how the room is coming together.

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