Signs of spring

Despite some recent cold and rainy weather, Portland has enjoyed a few signs of spring over the past couple of weeks.

Sunlight streaming through my windows.


The re-emergence of my favorite t-shirt.


Crocheted shoes. (If you look very closely you might be able to spot the sixpence sewn into the fabric lining. I wore these on my wedding day almost five years ago.)


Smiling daffodils.


Billowy clouds of cherry blossoms.


Rows of flowering trees.


The Mr. getting his bike ready for some long rides.


And, quite possibly my favorite sure sign of spring, the Cadbury Creme Egg.

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6 Responses to Signs of spring

  1. Patti says:

    My “signs of spring” candy are the malted speckled eggs!

    I’m in north Forida and spring has been slow in coming. I still had a sweatshirt on yesterday!


  2. Elizabeth says:

    I was driving to the grocery store today and I suddenly began to notice how green everything had gotten. It’s one of those things I love about Alabama…spring seems to happen overnight. We’ve had some intense rain over the past few days and now that the sun is back out, the daffodils are blooming, the birds are chirping, and flip flops are beginning to reappear. Makes me smile 🙂

  3. MM says:

    I’m waiting for the first Robins…always a sure sign here in the Northeast!

  4. Jen says:

    We woke up to snow this morning…yech. I’m so done with Winter!

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