Tile, cork, and felt coasters

A few months back, I found some wonderful salvaged tile when I went thrifting. I decided to finally see my vision to fruition and make the tiles into coasters. The materials I used for this project were:

  • ceramic tiles (mine are 4″x4″)
  • cork sheets (mine were leftover from a peel and stick cork board set)
  • Elmer’s Glue-All glue
  • wool felt
  • thread
  • an Exacto knife

Here is what the tiles look like. The backs were just unfinished ceramic and would have scratched any surface I set them on.

I had some leftover peel-and-stick cork from when I packed up my painting studio last spring. Even though the cork pieces were torn, I saved them hoping to use them in a future project. First, I glued the tiles onto the smooth side of the cork.

While those were drying, I decided to create a fabric edging for the coasters to hide the raw edges. Since I didn’t have any ribbon on hand, I improvised with some felt and thread. First I measured the height of the coaster and determined the length I’d need. (4 x 4 =16, so I decided to make 17″ pieces.) I created a paper pattern based on the measurements. I pinned the pattern to some purple wool felt and cut out five strips.

Next, I decided to embellish the wool a bit. My sewing machine offers so many decorative stitches that I rarely find uses for. I decided on a Greek key stitch in a contrasting lime green thread.

It was easy but slow. It took awhile for the machine to get through 17 inches of this stitch but I’m really excited about how it turned out.

After drying for about four hours, I used an Exacto knife and a cutting pad to carefully cut the cork around the edges of the tile.

Then I carefully glued the wool embellishment around the edges, one side at a time, pressing and securing the felt as I went. I was glad that the wool was longer than I needed.

After letting the glue dry for another four hours, I carefully trimmed the excess felt off of the coaster. When I finish the remaining four,  I’ll have a completed set of five. I may use them at home, or save them for a gift.

Have you found uses for old tile? Or, perhaps, other salvaged materials?

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4 Responses to Tile, cork, and felt coasters

  1. carmen says:

    These are awesome! And I love the felt embellishment around the edges. I never would have thought of that! (Probably because I don’t think I can cut nearly that straight!!)

  2. Patti says:

    They turned out great! That stitch is really nice. My house colors….purple and green.

    I love coasters and used to collect them. When I moved to this house I had less table space to use my coasters. So I framed them. I think they look really good! I only framed three sets. They hanged on my purple striped dining room wall.


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