Bedroom makeover progress: new lamps

Last week we painted our bedroom a very light grayish blue and had new furniture delivered. There is still so much I want to do (and buy) for the makeover, but we’re taking it slow and adding accessories over time.

One thing we couldn’t wait any longer for were bedside lamps. I really love to read in bed at night and the nightstands looked so empty. After two somewhat overwhelming shopping trips to Home Goods and Ikea, we finally decided on two of these lamps from Home Goods.

They feature white shades and brushed nickel bases. They are fairly substantial; we didn’t want anything too small on the large-ish night stands. I think it took me at least an hour and a half in the store to finally decide on these. But as soon we got them home, I knew we had made the right choice.

The metal coordinates with the hardware on the dressers and the shades match our white linens. They also fit with the overall luxe mood I’m hoping to create. And, for just $29 a piece, these babies were a steal compared to lamps we  looked at online. They were even less than the ones we considered from Ikea.

After the lamps were in place, I had fun experimenting with other accessories. On my side, I have a jewelry box, a tile for my tea mug, a tiny framed picture, and a little leather turtle.

On the Mr’s side, he has his clock, a framed wedding picture, and one of the new coasters I just made.

I also hung a vacation theme painting on either side. I painted both about two years ago. One is a painting of the Mr. flying a kite on the shore, and the other is a view of a boardwalk from out on a pier. They seem to fit the soothing theme of the room.

I still want a cozy rug, a beautiful mirror, an upholstered headboard, and a plush chair to complete the space but I’m trying to be patient.

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4 Responses to Bedroom makeover progress: new lamps

  1. carmen says:

    Lovely! Home Goods is one of my favorite places to shop!

  2. Mandorama says:

    So nice! And sturdy lamp bases are essential for the nightstand, if you wildly fumble around for the snooze button every morning like I do.

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