Bedroom makeover progress: hanging the mirror

My husband and I are in the midst of a master bedroom makeover. The walls are freshly painted, the curtains and bed skirt coordinate, new furniture is in place, and we bought new lamps last week.

On Sunday, we installed a mirror over the longer of the two dressers. The mirror was a birthday gift from my Dad. (Thanks Dad!) I picked it out at Home Goods, the same place I found our bedside lamps.

Hanging this mirror was no small feat. The Mr. guessed it weighs at least 60 pounds. To make matters more complicated, we have plaster walls so it was imperative that we find studs. We found this great article on the True Hardware site. We essentially followed their steps exactly. (Even though the article is about drywall, the instructions still worked for us.)

The problem we encountered the first time we tried to hang the mirror (yes it took two tries and about three hours total) was that the hardware that came installed on the back of the mirror was flimsy and positioned vertically.

You can see in the photo above how flimsy it was. I easily bent that piece by hand, and the ring was not a solid piece of metal. I don’t know much about hardware, but I knew that would never safely hold the weight of the mirror. Instead, my handy husband installed these at the proper 45 degree angle:

Next, it was time to use heavy-duty mirror wire. It took some effort to get the exact right length, at the exact right tension.

The mirror was resting on the bed throughout this process.

While I wired the mirror, the Mr. used a stud finder to locate studs in the wall. We used painter’s tape, a measuring tape, and pencil to mark and measure the exact position of the mounting hardware.

Next, he drilled angled holes into the wall to hold the heavy-duty hooks and tapped nails into the studs. We pulled on the hooks pretty hard to make sure they were sturdy.

We knew he hit studs because of the resistance on the drill and the lovely sawdust that emerged on the drill bit. Finally, we nervously lifted the mirror and hooked the wire over the two hooks.

I’m still a wee bit nervous because the mirror is so heavy. I peeked behind the frame a few times and all looks well. It really brightens up the space and bounces light around from the one window. I put some fresh flowers (another birthday gift!) on the dresser, as well as a candle lantern and a small photo. I’m still considering a more permanent array of accessories for the dresser top.

What do you have on top of your dresser? I need ideas!

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3 Responses to Bedroom makeover progress: hanging the mirror

  1. carmen says:

    Oh that’s beautiful. I think it’s much more worthwhile to do it right the first time (in spite of taking a little longer) and then not having to worry about it. I have a big heavy mirror too and was afraid the nails wouldn’t hold it but to my amazement they always did! Congrats!

  2. MM says:

    Very, very nice! I do like what it does to the light in the room.

  3. Dad says:

    Beautiful mirror. I’m glad you were able to get it mounted. Looks like you did a Class A job. Enjoy it.

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