Bedroom makeover progress: accessorizing

This past weekend, I had fun accessorizing the bedroom. Even though there are some bigger ticket items I still need (rug, headboard, armchair…) I wanted to decorate a bit. It was back to Home Goods, my new second home it seems. This time the Mr. got to skip the trip and I got to take my time.

I’ve actually never intentionally shopped for decorative accessories before. I’ve always just accumulated things over time. If I saw something in an antique store or cute boutique, I’d pick it up and figure out how to use it later. On this shopping trip, however, I was on a mission. I knew I wanted a tray and a few other somethings for the dresser, but I wasn’t sure what.

I ended up finding a great lacquered tray for $12.99, two picture frames for $6.99 each, and a white footed dish for $9.99. I considered some other items… a tall vase and a jewelry box… but decided against them. I wanted to see how the tray, frames, and dish worked first.

It was fun to pull some photos out of albums and put them on display. I choose a picture of me and one of my besties at the bridal shower she threw for me many years ago, a picture of the Mr. standing on a dock on the San Juan Islands, and one of me and little Miles when he was just a pup.  I also pulled out some tiny porcelain and glass animals I’ve had in storage.

The little footed dish is so cute! I layered a silk scarf, an old photo of my mom and my uncles, a few pieces of jewelry, and a little otter to watch over the goods.

The dresser seemed a bit lonely and off balance, so I leaned this hooked yarn tapestry against the wall. I love the colors and the texture. I got it years ago for a few bucks at a vintage store.

That white plant stand/table used to be by the bedside. I still really like the lines and shape of it.

After I did all that, I decided the bed needed a little spring re-dressing. (You can read my post on dressing the bed for winter here.) All I did was replace the fuzzy throw with a heavy cotton coverlet and the sequined pillow with a floral one. I also switched up some of the pillow cases to add a bit of layered pattern.

I have some artwork I’d like to have framed for the bedroom as well. Since the artwork is non-standard sizes, it will have to be custom framed so I need to save and budget for that and the other items I still want for the room.

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3 Responses to Bedroom makeover progress: accessorizing

  1. carmen says:

    Ah love the floral pillow and the cute ceramic animals. I have a collection of those myself somewhere that I need to pull out…just not sure where they’re stashed!

  2. MM says:

    Very nice! I remember the otter and little cat. I love my minature collection, as you well know. I think your arrangement really shows everthing off well. MM

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