Little home makeovers

Accessorizing the bedroom this past weekend, coupled with some lovely spring weather and longer days, inspired me to do a bit of rearranging around the house. I love accessorizing and styling my home. Often all it takes for a fresh look is to move objects around and use items in new ways. I didn’t spend any money, just used what I already had.

In the dining room, I switched up the tabletop, sideboard, and bookshelves.

I layered a long runner on the sideboard. On one end, I placed a wooden tray, a bowl of oranges, and leaned a painting against the wall.

On the other end, I layered a place mat, vintage fan, stack of crockery, white teapot, and ceramic snails that used to live on my coffee table.

Some of the vases that used to sit on the sideboard now live on the bookshelves across the room.

The coffee table also got a bit of a face lift. I layered an embroidered tapestry, stack of books, candle, and coasters in the middle of the table.

Have you re-accessorized your home for spring? How do you use the same objects in new ways?

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