Hostess gifts

On Easter, my husband and I went over to some friends’ home for brunch. It was a great treat and we had a lot of fun eating quiche, salad, homemade scones, and homemade lemon sorbet. Yum! As a host/hostess gift we took a bottle of pink bubbly, a bouquet of ranunculus, and some chocolate peanut butter eggs.

I took the flowers out of the plastic wrap they came in, re-wrapped them in paper, and tied them with a pink ribbon to match the theme of the bubbly. Re-wrapping store-bought flowers is just a little touch that adds to the presentation of the bouquet.

I couldn’t help myself and also tied a pink ribbon around the box of chocolate eggs.

I often try to take just a little something when we go over to someone’s home for a meal. Here is a list of host/hostess gift ideas:

  • Bottle of wine or fancy beer. As long as you know your hosts drink alcohol, a bottle of wine or 22oz bottle of micro brew beer is usually a welcome treat. If you home-brew beer like my husband, a home-brewed bottle of beer makes a unique host gift.
  • Flowers. A simple bouquet is a good stand-by. If you know the host is going to be busy with lots of guests, take the bouquet already arranged in a water-filled vase so she doesn’t have to fuss with the blooms.
  • Homemade bread, cookies, or jam. It’s fun to dress up homemade treats with tissue paper, ribbon, or pretty boxes.
  • Candles or soaps. I especially like fancy taper candles as host gifts because they are a bit more unusual than votives.
  • Linen kitchen towels. One or two pretty towels is a nice gift for friends who enjoy cooking and love their kitchen.
  • A small plant. A friend of mine gave me a trimming from one of her spider plants once and the little cutie is now thriving in a pot in my kitchen.

What about you? What are your favorite host/hostess gifts to give and receive? Please share in the comment section below.

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