House tour: Brad’s place, part 2

On Friday, I began a house tour of my good friend Brad’s 490 square foot condo in southeast Portland. Today, we’ll continue through to the bedroom, hallway, and bathroom.

Here is the view standing in the living room looking down the hallway:

Traveling down the hallway, the bedroom is on the left, the laundry closet on the right, and the bathroom at the very end of the hall. Here’s a view of the cozy bedroom:

Again, the decor is mostly neutral with a few bold pops of color. I love the way Brad used two doors on either side of the window to anchor the bed instead of a traditional headboard. Across from the Bed, he devised this unique clothing storage solution:

The shelves and baskets hold clothing and the narrow depth of the shelving unit saves space in the small bedroom. The bold painting and large plant look great in the otherwise neutral space.

Next to the door, Brad has this lovely old dresser. He used mis-matched door knobs and topped the whole thing off with an antique mirror.

The hallway holds the laundry closet where Brad has employed a European-style washer/dryer combo. I also love the personalized bulletin board made of salvaged wood with photos and keepsakes displayed.

And finally, Brad livened up an otherwise neutral bathroom with this awesome quilted shower curtain:

I hope these photos give you a sense of what’s possible in a small living space. Brad never shied away from cozy touches and cottage style and the final result is a warm, comfortable home that is great for entertaining. Brad has thrown some pretty awesome parties in this place!

If you missed part one of this house tour, you can jump to the post here.

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2 Responses to House tour: Brad’s place, part 2

  1. MM says:

    How does Brad like his washer dryer combo? I never knew about them until recently and have thought about them for my upstairs…that is until I saw their pricetags. Anyway, The technology is very different and I’ve wondered how he and others’ like it.

    • Lindsay says:

      He really likes it. He chose this because there was no way to vent a traditional dryer from the closet.I’m told the trick is to take everything out as soon as it’s dry, rather than letting it sit.

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