Planting a container garden

Which one of these plant situations would you rather look at every time you entered or left your home?

Hmmmm. Tough one, right?

Guess what I did over the weekend. I gave up on the plant. I checked for mites: there were none. I scratched the bark looking for green: all I got was a dead twig. There was not a speck of green left on the poor thing and it was entirely depressing to look at every time I walked in or out the door. So…

… I gathered some supplies…

…and hung this basket  (with a little help from the Mr.)…

…and set about bringing some life to my back porch.

I’d actually like to include even more potted plants, but I have to save space for the grill that we predict will emerge from hibernation over the next month or so.

Since I have no idea what I am doing and know nothing about plants, I make no guarantees for the longevity of this container garden. But, for now at least, it looks beautiful and makes me smile.

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5 Responses to Planting a container garden

  1. MM says:

    Very lovely. Just remember that hanging plants, particularly those with the matting (can’t think of it’s name) dry out very quickly. In hot weather you may even need to water twice a day. All container plants outside dry out faster than their indoor counterparts. Enjoy your new garden! MM

    • Lindsay says:

      Should I water them everyday, no matter what? What if it’s chilly out (like today).

      What if it rains in the morning?

      • MM says:

        Water them when the soil is dry. When it is chilly, you don’t have to worry as much as when it is hot and dry. Also, some of this is determined by the plants themselves. The tags that came with them should tell you their tolerance for hot/dry. I can’t quite tell what you have in there so it’s difficult for me to say.
        I bought a water meter at Home Depot for <$10 that I love. I can stick it deep in the soil and it tells me what is going on where I can't feel. A dry chopstick can also tell you sometimes, depending on your soil mix. I've given plants to notorious plant murderers with the chopstick in and told them that they should water when the chopstick is dry when they pull it out. They just leave it in all the time. As you know I have enough plants to make the water meter worth the money. For you, the chopstick is probably a much better choice!

  2. Holly Young says:

    Lindsay, so sorry to hear about the plant. 😦 Not for lack of effort though! The flowers are LOVELY!

    Also wanted to let you know, I featured you in my ‘favorites’ on a recent blog post. That might distract you from missing your sad little plant! 🙂

    Best wishes!!!! Holly (

    • Lindsay says:

      Thanks Holly! And many thanks for the link-love. I’ve been trying to comment on your post, but Blogger is being buggy and grumpy with me.

      Happy Birthday and enjoy 28.

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