Household maintenance check-in

Back in February,  I posted some household maintenance to-dos that were on my mind. To recap:

  • Fix the dishwasher – DONE!
  • Re-caulk the tub – sadly, not done
  • Re-paint the shower ceiling – DONE! read on…
  • Carpet the stairs – nope, not yet
  • Paint the living room – no… but I’ve thought about it
  • Install basement and garage shelves – um, no
  • Research and purchase some new furniture – Funny how the easiest, most fun, and most expensive item on the list is a big yes!

This past weekend, I decided to tackle some of the more time-intensive yet less expensive items on my to-do list, specifically re-painting the tub ceiling and repairing a part of the wall near the tub. It’s difficult to see here, but this is a photo of a spot next to the shower that has some moisture damage:

Moisture from the tub was escaping and splashing up and under the paint causing it to peel. The plaster was also beginning to crumble a bit. Additionally, there was this little issue on the door:

The door stop broke and left an unsightly hole in the door. And, as I mentioned before, the shower ceiling was beginning to flake in spots. These are all issues I wanted to tackle before they got worse. First I scraped the loose paint and plaster off everything. Yuck!

Then I patched up the damaged spots with some spackle.

Finally, I sanded the spackle down and painted over everything with a mold/mildew resistant primer and sealer.

The door and ceiling look great. The patch by the shower leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, I think I nipped the water damage in the bud. I plan to repaint the entire bathroom soon which will cover and blend the white repair patch on the wall.

What about you? Have you tackled any home maintenance projects recently?

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