A weekday evening in photos

Looking west from a second floor window.


The Mr. making a delicious dinner.


Our internet radio streaming this station.


Fresh rosemary and mint from a friend’s garden.

More views from the second floor.


And flowers that are still doing quite well.

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3 Responses to A weekday evening in photos

  1. Holly Young says:

    Ah…I loved this post! I also love the flowers- they’re still alive- good for you! 🙂 Your pictures are so cozy! Spring has sprung!

  2. MM says:

    I could almost believe I was there! 😉

  3. S. Le says:

    Lovely kitchen! We’re doing ours soon. I’m so glad I’ve run across your blog! Come and visit me at mine and you can also meet my Bloggersville chums! ~S. Le

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