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Am I going to redecorate my living room?!

This picture was taken almost two years ago. The rug is now gone (thanks to my puppy!) and that paper lamp now lives in another room. My last several home decorating projects involved the dining room, bedroom, and bathroom (re-painted … Continue reading

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Coffee table arrangements

What’s on your coffee table these days? After the holidays, I cleared off decorations and arranged this simple coffee table setting. The birch candle looks like a tree trunk and smells delicious. It is leftover from Christmas, but didn’t look … Continue reading

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New dining room table and rug

It’s been a year since I painted our dining room Silver Fox by Benjamin Moore. We had a Saarinen white tulip table that I loved, but it was too small for this space and didn’t accommodate more than four people, … Continue reading

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Bedroom makeover progress: new rug!

Mmmmmmm….. isn’t that just the yummiest, snuggiest rug you’ve ever seen? It’s like a big, nubby, knitted-by-grandma sweater and I get to step on it every morning when I wake up. That’s right! The bedroom makeover continues…. You may recall … Continue reading

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Introducing Bodhi

Meet Bodhi (pronounced bo-dee). He’s our six-month-old Havanese puppy and he is such a sweetie. The Mr. and I decided to add him to our family back in September. Havanese is the only Cuban breed of dog and was originally … Continue reading

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Hanging artwork salon-style

Hanging artwork salon-style entails arranging a whole bunch of pictures and paintings together in a collage-like formation on the wall. While this may be an old fashioned method of hanging art (as opposed to the modern style of lining up … Continue reading

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