Hanging artwork salon-style

Hanging artwork salon-style entails arranging a whole bunch of pictures and paintings together in a collage-like formation on the wall. While this may be an old fashioned method of hanging art (as opposed to the modern style of lining up artwork in a neat row and allowing for plenty of wall space), salon-style has made a comeback in the world of interior design.

I imagine that in centuries past, collectors and gallery owners needed to make the most of their wall space to sell or display as many works as possible. Unlike today’s museums, galleries of yore likely had very little wall space and had to think of profits in how they displayed paintings.

Making a salon arrangement on a wall is a great way to bring some drama into an otherwise quiet space. I recently updated my living room with a salon-style wall of art. Here is my living room before:

And here it is after the salon-style installation:

The two large paintings, dyptych on the far left, and two square paintings in the middle are my own original oil paintings. The print in the white frame at the top was a gift, picked up by a family member at kitschy Ocean Gallery in Ocean City, MD. The wide frame holding three photos along the bottom contains wedding pictures. The green print near the top was a gift, made by a friend. The flower print to the right of the wedding pictures is a framed poster I bought for about $3 at a junk shop almost ten years ago.

Even though I painted these seven years apart (the one on the right is from 2003, the one on the left from 2010) they still have such a similar aesthetic and really seem to relate to one another.

This gorgeous repeating print is by my friend Robin. To hang it unframed, I just attached two butterfly clips along the top and hung them on hooks on the wall.

I most enjoy eclectic arrangements and feel no need to match frames or position the pieces in a perfect grid pattern. I intentionally hung this arrangement in an unsymmetrical fashion. My only “rule” was to not include any black frames because I worried they would break up the pattern too much and look “off.”

Here are a few more resources for hanging artwork salon-style:

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