Bedroom makeover progress: new rug!

Mmmmmmm….. isn’t that just the yummiest, snuggiest rug you’ve ever seen? It’s like a big, nubby, knitted-by-grandma sweater and I get to step on it every morning when I wake up. That’s right! The bedroom makeover continues….

You may recall the “before” situation:

I painted, hung re-purposed curtains, purchased a new set of furniture, found new lamps, hung a mirror,and accessorized. Here are a few “after” shots to refresh your memory:

To continue the soothing theme, I decided to coordinate the rug with the walls, curtains, and bedskirt. I’m usually not a matchy-matchy decorator, but I made an exception with the dominant color in the bedroom and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I picked this rug up at West Elm:

I still need a headboard, cozy chair, and possibly some bookshelves.

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2 Responses to Bedroom makeover progress: new rug!

  1. Chasity says:

    I love your blog! Such great tips! = )
    I would buy your dresser if we lived in the same city, it’s a match to the chest of drawers (from my childhood room) that we’re using in the nursery!

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