Am I going to redecorate my living room?!

This picture was taken almost two years ago. The rug is now gone (thanks to my puppy!) and that paper lamp now lives in another room.

My last several home decorating projects involved the dining room, bedroom, and bathroom (re-painted bathroom pictures are still to come, I promise!) With the bathroom as complete as it will be unless we decide to do a major renovation at some point, and the bedroom 90% done (I still need a headboard), I was feeling pretty finished for awhile.

So imagine my surprise when I realized I am dissatisfied with my living room! I mean, I have been meaning to paint the room since we moved in a year and a half ago. But, I thought I was otherwise feeling pretty set with the situation.

The wall and furniture colors are feeling a little dull and blah. We purchased the sofa and chair in our old apartment. They are good quality and look OK, but I’m realizing they just aren’t quite right for this space.

I actually would like to move the patterned chair in our living room up to our bedroom. It will suit the style of the  bedroom much better than what I am hoping for in the living room. In an effort to sort through my thoughts, I created a mood board featuring a sofa and rug I recently admired at Ikea, as well as wall color to match the dining room:

You know what? I don’t like it!! I’m really glad I made this mood board because otherwise I would have just started painting and purchasing furniture like there was no tomorrow. But alas, this is too dark and muddy. I thought having the rug and walls match would be relaxing, but the whole thing is looking very dull.

Further, I realize I am limiting myself in my design options with the current artwork. Don’t get me wrong, I love modern abstract art. And I am attached to these paintings because they are my own. But they just don’t really suit the mood I want in my living space. They require really minimal  furnishings and white walls. I’m hoping for something more cozy and not quite so modern. Some of the smaller paintings and prints will definitely still work.

And, I’m actually missing the light and airy feel of my old apartment. Here is a shot of the living room:

And here is a view looking from the living room into the kitchen:

I loved those chalky gray/blue walls. They were bright without being sterile and white.

I already own curtains, a coffee table, artwork and lamps that I intend to keep. The major purchases for this makeover would be a new sofa, rug, and occasional chair. I would also purchase paint, a bench to define an entry area, and a new media cabinet for the TV.

Stay tuned… I’ll begin posting pictures that inspire me and a new and improved mood board in the days ahead. I’m also going to try to plan this makeover on a $1,500 budget, so I’ll have to get creative with some of my choices.

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