Some new accessories

On Saturday, I headed out to HomeGoods solo. The Mr. stayed home with the pups, leaving me to take my time browsing the aisles in search of nothing in particular. I was on the look out for a new duvet cover and kept my eyes peeled for anything that might work in my living room makeover.

I lucked out and found an awesome mirror. I love the white, detailed frame and overall size of the mirror–the entire thing measures 30″ x 30″. Even better… the price! It was a steal at $22. I also picked up this porcelain tree trunk vase with a silver glaze for $10. Like the mirror, it will help bounce light around the room.

I’ve been wanting a mirror in my entry, near the front door. Here is a before view:

And here it is now with the mirror:

I like the way the mirror opens the space up, reflects the rest of the room, and bounces sunlight from the window on the opposite wall around the space.

I still have more plans for the entry. Specifically, I want to pretty-up the inside of the door with paint and possibly find a little set of shelves for between the door and the radiator.

Meanwhile, I made a new sideboard arrangement with the silver tree trunk vase:

In addition to the new vase, this still life also features a stack of books, our Tangent internet radio, my vintage fan, a bike print my sister-in-law sent us, a misshapen, melted candle leftover from Christmas, and a hula girl duster.

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4 Responses to Some new accessories

  1. Silus Grok says:

    A suggestion on the mirror … you could dress it up (for cheap) a little by replacing the flat mirror with a beveled one.

    Just a thought.


    Keep up the great posts!

    • Lindsay says:

      That’s a great idea. I was also thinking about painting the frame a vibrant color. I’m going to see how it looks after I re-paint the walls.

  2. Nicole says:

    That mirror was a steal at $22! I love mirrors, but they’re just so dang expensive. Good find!

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