Dinner out, comedy, and brunch: a weekend report

Table set for Sunday brunch.

The Mr. and I spent lots of time with friends this weekend and had a really fun three days. Besides cleaning up for company, I didn’t get much of anything done around the house and that was just fine with me.

On Friday, we met up with some friends we haven’t seen in at least five years. They were visiting Portland from out-of-town, so we took the #4 bus downtown and had dinner and drinks at Ping. I highly recommend the Tamarindo cocktail, tea-smoked magret duck breast, and laksa nanya, but pass on the chicken butt skewer. (Yes, I ordered chicken butt!)

Next up, Kelly’s Olympian, a Portland staple. It was loud and crazy but ended up being the perfect place to close the evening with a round of tequilas and limes in honor of our friend’s birthday.

Photo credit: Kelly’s Olympian website.

On Saturday, we met friends who had extra tickets for a show at Harvey’s comedy club. Despite the fact we love to watch stand-up on TV, the Mr. and I had never really been to see live stand-up before… we did see Stella a couple years ago, but that was different. Anyway, we saw two local comics followed by the headliner. Tickets were free and the drinks only set us back $20, so… not expensive at all. Here is a crappy-quality picture I took with my phone camera:

On Sunday, we had another couple over for brunch. We served quiche, fresh fruit, chicken sausage, hash browns, toast, scones, and bloody marys.

I cleared away the usual coffee table arrangement to make room for some more important items: coloring books and toys to make our five-year-old guest smile.

The pups patiently waiting for company to arrive.

Later this week, I’ll share my spinach and mushroom quiche recipe. It’s really tasty and easy to make. In the meantime, how was your weekend? Share in the comment section!

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