Making over chairs, part 1

What do these four chairs have in common? Besides being a bit worse for wear and in need of facelifts, not much. That is all about to change!

I decided my dining room needs a set of coordinated chairs, preferably in a light color. The rug, existing furniture, and walls are all relatively dark. The room is in need of some white.

The chairs were all relatively cheap, or even free in the case of the molded plywood ones. I think the black one is from our New England days, picked up from a junk sale for $10. I’ve already painted it twice and reupholstered the seat several times. My goal is to make this a coordinated set.

First, I disassembled them and took the seats off.

Next, I gave all four a good sanding with extra fine sandpaper and painted them with a coat of primer.

I let the primer dry for a few days and set about fixing the seat on the one that started off black. The seat was cracked all the way through in several places. You may notice that in my younger years, I tried to repair it by stapling it back together!

The Mr. cut a piece of scrap wood and I sanded down the sides to ensure a perfect fit.

I also replaced the black (and in some cases missing) rubber caps on the metal legs of the plywood chairs with new white ones to match the paint.

Over the course of a few days, I painted the chairs with two coats of satin paint. The trick to getting a smooth finish was using a small roller and sponge brushes instead of bristle brushes.

Don’t they already look so much more unified? Stay tuned for part two of the chair makeover where I will show you how I updated the upholstered seats. You can also subscribe to receive updates automatically.

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