Making over chairs, part 2

In my last post, I detailed how I sanded, primed, and painted a set of four mis-matched chairs. I also replaced the rubber caps on two of the chairs’ legs and replaced a broken seat on another one. You can click here to see the post.

Once the paint was drying, I set about choosing some new fabric for the seats. I have a closet full of collected fabric, so instead of heading to the store, I just committed myself to using some I already had. The trick was finding fabric that complemented my patterned rug, golden curtains, and the new white chairs. I narrowed it down to four and laid them on the rug to choose.

Clockwise from top left: The colors in the first striped fabric sort of coordinate with the rug colors, but this combo didn’t do anything for me. I immediately liked the golden floral on white because it related to the floral of the rug without being overly matchy. Next, I considered the brown velvet and decided it would look sumptuous with the white chairs. Finally, I thought about the khaki stripes on white (difficult to see here, sorry!) Can you guess which one I chose?

The golden floral! Not only does it relate nicely to the rug, it also picks up the curtain color.

I pulled the staples out of the back of the first seat and removed the existing fabric. To remove the staples I pried them up with a screwdriver and then pulled them out with pliers.

I left the other old layers of fabric on the seat, figuring they are holding the foam cushion in place. Then, I cut a piece of fabric leaving generous edges for ease of wrapping around the edge of the seat.

I just pulled the fabric tightly over the edges and stapled it all down with a light duty staple gun. All of my practice stretching canvas for paintings pays off here! Last, I trimmed the excess fabric from around the edges.

The other seat needed a new cushion. I figured a few layers of thick batting would do the trick.

I also picked up all new hardware to ensure a snug fit when I reassemble everything.

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