Spring Cleaning 2011

It’s that time of year… spring cleaning time. It’s a chore for sure, but I always feel so good when my home is clean and healthy from top to bottom. And there are some tasks (::whispering:: like cleaning behind the fridge) we haven’t tackled in the two years we’ve lived here. It’s time. I will be enlisting the Mr’s help.

You can vote in the comment section which chores you think I should ask the Mr. to complete! (Note to Ryan: do not create fake reader names and vote for the easiest tasks.)


Here is my list of everything I’d like to accomplish. This is in addition to the regular cleaning I do most every week.

Deep clean kitchen

  • Throw away all old food in cabinets and fridge.
  • Donate un-used dishes and utensils
  • Remove everything from cabinets and wipe inside and out.
  • Thoroughly clean fridge and freezer
  • Clean oven and stovetop
  • Clean dishwasher and under the sink
  • Pull fridge out and clean behind and around (ewwwwwwwww!)
  • Wash floor and scrub grout clean
  • Polish stainless steel


  • launder shower curtains
  • scrub tub and tile
  • edit toiletries

Living room and dining room

  • Vacuum upholstered furniture
  • Rent steamer and steam rug and furniture
  • Clean out the coat closet (it’s gross in there)
  • Clean out the dining room sideboard and take stuff to donate
  • Wash throws and pillows
  • Wash curtains (mine are machine washable and dry-able)


  • Vacuum and wipe down closet
  • Edit down clothing (I recently did this! Yay, one thing done.)
  • Vacuum and mop under bed (There is a family of dust bunnies that need to move)
  • Rotate and flip mattress
  • Wash mattress pad and skirt


  • Baseboards. Blah.
  • Deep clean all wood floors.
  • Dust crown molding.
  • Clean light covers and bulbs.
  • Get quote on exterior windows. (They are too high to do ourselves.)
  • Use a sticky roller thing on the lamp shades.


  • Wash all bedding and towels
  • Wash and edit toys

I’d like to have all of this done by mid-May, so I’m giving myself a decent amount of time. What’s on your spring cleaning list? Any tasks I’ve missed?

Vote in the comment section on which tasks the Mr. should do!

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