Bye bye Band-Aid beige…

… hello chalky bluish gray!

The first step in my living room makeover was painting the walls a beautiful shade of light gray. I decided on Moonshine by Benjamin Moore and chose their Eco Spec no-VOC paint in a flat finish.

The problem with my living room’s original wall color was that it all blended together with the warm floors, curtains, and even the sofa. Everything was pretty much in the same family of warm, golden-y, beige. The sheen was also all wrong. I believe the developer must have used a satin sheen rendering the entire surface very skin-like. I named the color Band-Aid beige.

Here are a few pictures, one taken the day we moved in and the other taken with our furniture in place.

It wasn’t too bad, it was just boring and I was ready for a change. I split the job up over two days and it was much more manageable than trying to paint all four walls in one day. Here are a few preview pictures of the new wall color:

Doesn’t the new color compliment the warm floors and curtains nicely? I really love the way the bluish gray brings out the wood and golden tones. Stay tuned for updates on the living room makeover including new artwork for the walls and a new sofa. Or subscribe and receive new posts automatically.

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4 Responses to Bye bye Band-Aid beige…

  1. Patti says:

    Looks really, really nice. I just painted my bathroom a very dark gray and am thinking of doing my dining room/kitchen gray also. The two areas are sage now. I have a eggplant striped wall in the dining room and think the gray would go. Can’t think of another color without the rooms looking like an easter egg!


    • Lindsay says:

      Thanks Patti. I agree gray would look nice next to the striped wall. Gray is so versatile, the trick is really to use strong color elsewhere in the room. Good luck with your own makeovers!

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