Making over the living room walls

Once the walls of my living room were a chalky shade of blueish gray, I set about changing up the artwork and decor on the walls. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my salon-style wall of artwork, it was more that I was ready for a change. And, while I did enjoy the drama the wall of art offered, I was craving a look that was a little more symmetrical and pulled together. Sometimes I also get very tired of looking at my own paintings.

I went to Ikea and purchased three of the largest frames they carried. I also picked up a yard of beautiful fabric and raided the fabric cabinet at home.

Pictured above are two antique flour sacks that the Mr. and I purchased when we lived in New England and went antiquing regularly. One is a beautiful linen stripe (they just do not make fabric like this anymore) and the other has a really cool pineapple print. I ironed and framed them, along with the piece of botanical fabric I purchased.

Next, I wanted to bring some life to the bare wall behind our television. Here is a before picture:

I decided I wanted some pattern and softness, so I stretched a piece of fabric I’ve had since high school (purchased while on a vacation in the Adirondacks from a hippie shop!) over a painting I’ve grown tired of.

I also wanted something for the other wall in that corner and decided to push three of my paintings together to make one triptych. Since I’m the maker of all three, I took artistic liberty. I think the three as one are more interesting as a single piece.

I also added some color to the coffee table arrangement:

When you put all those elements together, as well as two of my recently made over chairs, you get this:

Meanwhile, I also hung a new mirror (from HomeGoods) and two baskets (from Ikea… only $8 each) on the focal wall in the adjoining dining room. They are in good company with one of my paintings.

Soon, I will post pictures of our new sofa and show you how the entire room is coming together.

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3 Responses to Making over the living room walls

  1. MM says:

    I’ve been watching this makeover with facinated interest. I really love what you have done. I’ve often wanted to frame fabric, and had some in mind from my childrens’ baby days…perhaps to give to them, perhaps to keep. And I really like the ‘hippy’ fabric and what it does to that wall.

    And the baskets on the wall…I am loving that, being a lover of baskets and always wondering how to display them to their best advantage I also want to add some natural elements to my own space.

    Well done, Lindsay!

    • Lindsay says:

      Thanks! I’m really happy with the warm texture the baskets add against the gray wall. I got the idea from a catalog that was selling the baskets for $50+. When I saw these at Ikea, I knew they would fit the bill just as well. I threaded embroidery floss threw the basket weave and looped that over hooks in the wall. It took a little bit of time to get them balanced.

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