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Some things in life are pricey…

… no matter how you slice it. I love a bargain as much as anyone and I try to save money whenever possible. That said, some things in life are expensive no matter what. For example: Now why (you may … Continue reading

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My enemies of frugality: boredom and impatience

Overall, my husband and I are fairly good about keeping our spending in check. Over a year ago, we discovered we were spending waaaay too much money going out to eat all the time. We created a budget and reined … Continue reading

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Why we put all of our spending on a credit card

I have a little confession to make that (in the world of personal finance) can be somewhat controversial: my husband and I use a credit card for all of our spending. Groceries, gas, going out, clothing, pet care, absolutely everything. … Continue reading

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Personal finance housekeeping

Part of keeping any household running smoothly is ensuring that the family/household finances are in order. I’ve written before about budgets and frugality. Tracking spending, saving money, and being frugal are great ways to start to get a handle on … Continue reading

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My food-spending face lift

My husband and I reflected this week on how this is the one-year anniversary of our financial face lift. Last January, we got really serious about saving money and buying a home. I tracked our spending and we created a … Continue reading

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Living with a homeowner’s fee

One of the trade offs we made in choosing a condo over a single family home is flexibility with some of our monthly expenses. In other words, many of our utility expenses are rolled into an HOA (homeowner’s association) fee. … Continue reading

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