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House tour: Brad’s place, part 2

On Friday, I began a house tour of my good friend Brad’s 490 square foot condo in southeast Portland. Today, we’ll continue through to the bedroom, hallway, and bathroom. Here is the view standing in the living room looking down … Continue reading

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House tour: Brad’s place, part 1

Here is a picture of my good friend Brad and me: Not only is Brad an awesome friend, killer party thrower, fun dance floor partner, and all around wonderful person, he is also the owner of a really great condo. … Continue reading

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Pros and cons of condo living

I’ve written before about why my husband and I bought a condo instead of a single family home. In short, it was the best price and condition for the location. We wanted a smaller mortgage payment, walkable location, and non-fixer … Continue reading

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Living with a homeowner’s fee

One of the trade offs we made in choosing a condo over a single family home is flexibility with some of our monthly expenses. In other words, many of our utility expenses are rolled into an HOA (homeowner’s association) fee. … Continue reading

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